Dear Parent / Carrer

The attached letter sets out a phased return for pupil on the first week of term - starting Wednesday 12th August.
Robert Smillie is following the pattern set out by SLC with one exception (P3/4).

The Pattern of attendance for RSMP is to be:

Wednesday 12th August - P1s will start school (no other pupils will attend that day).
Thursday 13th August - P1, P2, P2/3 and P3/4 will attend school (no other pupils attend).
Friday 14th August - P4/5, P5, P6 and P7 pupils attend (no other pupils attend). 

The attached letter from SLC gives reasons to the staggered start; primarily to allow pupils, parents and staff to feel as supported as possible in their return to school.  
From Monday 17th August, all puppils will attend school.

More details will follow at the end of this week on timings of the school day and the appropriate health and safety measure that we are taking as a school to ensure that risks to all are minimised.  

Many thanks for your ongoing support and patience with this.  

Kind regards 

Mr. Peck