Dear Parent / Carer

Thank you for the work you are doing to help your child/children access their learning from home.  Initial feedback about our paper packs has been very positive.  

We will be looking for more formal feedback next week to check that what we are doing is working and look for ways to improve what we offer our pupils.  

Our remote learning policy is attached.  It includes some basic safeguarding rules for 'live learning'.  These include the following.

Pupils should:
  • use digital learning platforms provided and ‘live learning’ as directed by their class teacher. 
  • be appropriately dressed for live learning sessions.
  • When using digital platforms, pupils must not record and/or share any content,
Parents should:
  • ensure that an adult is available nearby whilst your child is online. 
  • make sure that no recording and/or sharing of digital content takes place.
  • feed back to school staff where support or challenge is needed for their child (as appropriate) through normal school communication methods. 
  • not be visible during live sessions.
  • report any concerns about live learning sessions by emailing the teacher or contacting the school for further support and advice.
  • should inform the school office of any pupil illness so that teachers can be informed of absences and these can be recorded correctly.