Dear Parent / Carer

Pupil Return to School on 22nd Feb
19th Feb 2021
Dear Parent / Carer
We will be delighted to see our Nursery, Primary 1, 2 and 3 children return to school on 22nd February.  
Every Monday, P4 to P7 children will continue to collect learning packs between 1.30 and 2.45pm as before, until they return to school.
Please read the following carefully so that you are aware how to keep safe whilst coming to and going from the school:
  • All adults coming to the school MUST wear a face covering on school grounds.  Children can wear a face covering too, although this is not mandatory.  
  • Adults must not wait around when dropping off or picking up children (please see information on this below)
  • Children will be kept in their ‘class bubbles’ for the whole of the school day, including separate outdoor play areas, as before. 
  • Everyone – adults and children will wash and sanitise hands on entry to school and at regular intervals throughout the school day, as before.
  • Staff are expected to socially distance from other adults within the school. 
  • Staff are encouraged, wherever possible to keep 2M social distance from children.  This is not always possible or desirable, when attending to young children’s care needs.  Where this is not possible, mitigations are in place – face coverings, hand hygiene and PPE. 
  • Staff are expected to wear face coverings in the school and model good hand hygiene to reduce the risk of spreading infection. 
  • We now have Covid-19 testing twice per week for school and nursery staff to ensure that staff are doing all they can to contribute to the safety of all within our community.    
  • The school and classrooms will be well ventilated, with a good flow of fresh air through them. 
  • Any pupil with Covid-19 symptoms (cough, temperature, loss of taste/smell) will be isolated in school until a parent can collect them and arrange a covid test. 
  • When a family member has Covid-19 symptoms, the family must isolate until a test has been completed and the all clear has been given. 

Pick-up and Drop off from School:
The First Minister’s statement made it particularly clear that there is ongoing concern around adults socialising when dropping off and picking up children at school. 
To make sure we are doing all we can to keep everyone in the school community safe at pick up and drop off times we are asking parents and carers to do the following:
  • Do not come to school before 8.50 am in the morning. 
  • Leave your child in their play area and let school staff supervise – do not wait in the playground until the bell goes.
  • At Collection time, come to the school from 2.50pm – please don’t come before this.   
  • Once you arrive at the school for pick-up, go directly to the class door, where the teachers will let you take your child immediately.  Please do not wait for other parents. 
  • Parents with Nursery and School children should collect the Nursery child first and then go to the class door to collect their school child. 
The attached documents give greater details of safe working routines implemented at school for all.